• Plastic bag pollution in ocean - Credit: iStock.com/lindsay_imagery

    Fight the pollution
    of the oceans

    Our Clean Ocean is a collaborative service that identify the pollution areas in the ocean

About #OurCleanOcean Project

Our Clean Ocean is created to Find, Alert, Sample and Track the ocean pollution. For example, every year, 6.5 to 8 million tons of plastic waste are dumped into the ocean. Today, a majority of people are concerned about environmental issues and understand that it is vital to fight this problem to protect our planet.

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An interactive map of ocean pollution

A web-based platform that generates and gathers information about ocean pollution. Users and collaborators will have access to this platform to locate and give information about ocean pollution. CLS will provide maps that indicates where pollution should most likely be. If you locate a pollution in the ocean, you can help us to enrich this service. So, help us, help yourself!

Our Clean Ocean is a free platform powered by users for users!

Protect your Oceans! Nothing’s easier. You just report what you observe.
Our Clean Ocean is an application that will benefit to everyone, to identify polluted areas in the ocean to alert, and fight against.

Need more information, contact us: ourcleanocean@cls.fr

NB: The service Our Clean Ocean is in development and will be available soon. In the meantime, send us your comments and recommendations.